Let’s play spoons!

Let’s play spoons!

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The “Let’s Play Spoons” workshop offers a delightful and engaging group activity that encourages participants to interact and collaborate. This collaborative experience fosters teamwork, listening skills, and the ability to synchronize with others.

Participants can enhance their fine motor skills, rhythm, creativity, collaboration, and self-confidence through the playful use of musical spoons, opening a rhythmic gateway for everyone. the workshop incorporates songs and music from around the globe, broadening participants’ musical horizons and fostering a deeper connection to world music. The combination of songs with movement and social interaction creates a holistic learning experience that nurtures physical and emotional development.

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Effie Bachtsevana > was born in Melbourne Australia. She is a Creative Music Teacher, Teacher Trainer, an Award Winning Author and Educationist, Creator of the first Boomwhackers Orchestra in Greece, Inventor and Author of Let’s Play boomwhackers method “Learn English and Music through Play” for Kindergarten and Primary School Speaker and Researcher of various methods of teaching. She is also the Creator of the Colored Musical Spoons (rhythmic percussion instruments) based on a pioneering teaching method she has created and applied. This method inspires endless ways to be innovative and to learn new things. Participants deal with their mental health and let out their anxieties. Since 2012 she has been the Instructor of Seminars addressing educators of all stages, focusing on using her method in education. She has presented her method to over 15 countries and 16.000 educators. Effie is the recipient of 25 various International and National Awards.

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05-07-2024 @ 19:30 to
05-07-2024 @ 18:00

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