6 May 2019


Do you represent an organization active in the protection and safeguarding of the environment? Are you involved in environmental education and sensitization, civil protection, smart cities and sustainable development? Do you have an innovative idea to propose for one of the #SHU2019 challenges?


Social Hackathon Umbria is a 48 hours marathon of digital co-creation, during which 6 multidisciplinary teams collaborate for the realization of an innovative digital proposal to one of the thematic challenges explained in the sidebar.

To participate as a Solution Giver on one of the three #SHU2019 challenges you have to fill an online form, presenting your innovative idea and ensuring your active participation in all expected activities.

Expert in one of the #SHU2019 digital co-creation teams

  • DURATION: 4 days, from 4 to 7 July 2019
  • CONTENTS: if your innovative idea is selected for setting-up a digital co-creation team, your role will be to guide the conceptual development of the App or any other digital solution at the centre of your project. In all teams, there will be also an expert team manager, junior hackers trained with our technical preparation paths, social innovators or other professionals interested to contribute and learn in a cooperative way.
  • COSTS: full coverage of travel, accommodation and subsistence costs
  • LANGUAGE: cooperation within the digital co-creation teams will be in English

Click here to register!

The deadline for applying as Solution Giver is next 31 May 2019!